(N-H Eco)

  • Hydrogen produced on demand where needed with no additional infrastructure, transport or storage
  • >70% efficiency
  • Simple, small, low-cost units
  • May be used in industrial, commercial or home–based settings
  • Electrogen delivers H2 source cost effectively WRT conventional electrolysis or steam methane reforming at $3.29/kg from 5c/ kWh Electricity
  • Units approximately $250 for Electrogen module, Competing Units — HOGENs exceed $138,000
  • Safer and more economical than oxy–acetylene welding
  • Cost Effectiveness Achieved By:

  • New “Electronic Transformer” delivering high current at low voltage to cells- a new development in itself, 2500 Watts from a unit the same size as a normal 200 W supply
  • No pumps: Gas separating tanks are integrally molded, process driven by thermosyphon and differential density
  • Only 8 cells per module (instead of hundreds), so module is physically much smaller
  • Low cost separator material and most parts made from plastics
  • Modules stackable in series and parallel in the same fashion as batteries
  • No precious metals (Platinum, Rhodium etc)used


  • Produces Hydrogen at $2.49/kg from 3.5c/kWh Electricity
  • Less than half DOE’s target cost
  • Much lower cost than conventional electrolyzers at $5.20/kg
  • Much lower cost than Steam Methane reforming at $4.20/kg
  • Allows production of liquid fuel at $1.35/gal
  • Much less than centrally produced conventional NH3 at $1.89/gal

    Electrogen Cell

    E2Amm LLC 1.64 MW Hydrogen Module

  • $75 K Installation Fee + $0.65 /kg Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen at $2.49/kg from 3.5 cent/kWh Electricity